May, Dubai

Avicenna has announced the launch of its mobile lab solutions, the all in one lab- in-a box solutions will called AvilabTM

AvilabTM has been designed with mobility in mind, allowing for easy setup in isolated and remote areas, the AvilabTM  product range will have two solutions ready for consumers to purchase in May, 2020, the Avilab
TM MDX, a molecular diagnostics benchtop testing solution, and AvilabTM NGS, a next generation sequencing benchtop solution, the
AvilabTM  MDX product was well received by customers who placed orders for multiple units to help with COVID-19 testing,
especially in locations where a need for a quick and easy testing solution is needed.

Avicenna’s Product Manager, Nisreen Haddadin, emphasized, “We believe that the launch of this product is both timely and much needed, the Avilab TM product is mobile, modular and easy- to-use with a minimum setup requirement, customers are ordering the product for a variety of locations, including mobile clinics, airports and existing labs, the solution is instrumental in

establishing or expanding COVID-19 testing, and we do offer it in combination with our AviMol

TM COV19 test kits for PCR detection of the virus” Please read the Press Release