AviMol™  Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit

The AviMolTM Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit is designed for qualitative detection of DNA from Monkeypox virus in specimens such as serum or plasma, vesicular or lesion fluid collected from individuals.

The Kit uses real-time PCR fluorescence technology with highly specific primers and probes to target the specific F3L gene of the MPV detection. The proven specificity of the primer-probe combination ensures no cross-reactivity with Smallpox, Variola virus, Vaccinia virus, Cowpox virus, Ectromelia virus, Horsepox virus, HSV and FMDV.

  • CE Mark certified kit
  • Detection of both Central and West African strains
  • Rapid within 45 minutes
  • High sensitivity and specificity

Kit Contents:

  • PCR Buffer, 1 vial
  • Polyase Mix, 1 vial
  • Negative Control, 1 vial
  • Positive Control, 1 vial

AviMolTM Monkeypox Virus assay is available in multiple pack sizes to order:

Reference No Description Pack Size
AVM21824 Avimol Monkeypox Virus qPCR Detection Kit 24 tests
AVM21848 Avimol Monkeypox Virus qPCR Detection Kit 48 tests
AVM21896 Avimol Monkeypox Virus qPCR Detection Kit 96 tests
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