Avicenna has announced the launch of its new product Aviseq.
AviSeq is a range to analyse genetic markers of oncology, inherited diseases, infectious diseases, and inflammation as well as Whole Exome Sequencing with Avicenna’s range of CE-IVD and RUO Next Gen Library Prep kits on multiple platforms.
AviSeq will meet the needs of a wide range of customers in the Genomics and Diagnostics fields and provide added value to the labs without the high additional cost.


  1. Stable ready-to-use reagents allow ease of use
  2. A wide range of human disease targets
  3. Highly accurate & specific detection of germline and somatic mutations
  4. Multiple NGS platforms
  5. Minimum DNA sample volume required
  6. Sequence-ready libraries in ~ 6hrs

The main applications offered by Aviseq include:

For more information: https://avcna.net/aviseq/